The Rural Hospital Coalition supports access to health care services in rural communities by advocating for hospitals with Rural Referral Center, Sole Community Hospital and Medicare Dependent Hospital designations under the Medicare program.


Rural Hospital Coalition submits comments to CMS on proposed OPPS rule for CY 2020

Rural Hospital Coalition submits comments to Bipartisan Policy Center for newly-formed Rural Health Task Force

Rural Hospital Coalition submits comments to CMS on proposed IPPS rule for FY 2020

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Kaiser Health News publishes article on rural hospital closures — Economic Ripples: Hospital Closure Hurts A Town’s Ability To Attract Retirees

CBS Sunday Morning airs compelling segment on rural hospital closures and their negative impact on access to health care in rural America

Navigant publishes report on rural hospitals, with new data showing worsening situation for rural hospitals

RRC/SCH Coalition and MDH Coalition join forces to form Rural Hospital Coalition

Rural Hospital Coalition sends letter to CMS on recommendations to ensure a strong rural health care safety net

GAO releases report on rural hospital closures


About the Rural Hospital Coalition

Rural Referral Centers (RRCs), Sole Community Hospitals (SCHs) and Medicare Dependent Hospitals (MDHs) all play vital roles in the rural health care safety net.  RRCs localize sophisticated services and treat complicated cases, SCHs ensure that isolated communities have access to hospital care, and MDHs ensure that Medicare beneficiaries have access to hospital services. These important rural providers are especially dependent on accurate and appropriate payment policies, and the Rural Hospital Coalition works to make sure that RRCs, SCHs and MDHs are able to continue to provide high-quality health care to rural communities by advocating for legislative and regulatory policies that protect and enhance Medicare reimbursement to these hospitals.